Trans fat BAN! FDA noble? Not so fast ...


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Trans fat BAN! FDA noble? Not so fast ...

This author has educated about and warned against hydrogenated fats (primary source of trans fat) since the 1970s based upon plethora of studies dating back to the middle of the 1950s.

So FDA "action" not so fast.

Roberts' vote surprising? Not hardly

Apparently this author was the only one in the wor

Happy Dependence Day?

Our Mission

The mission of is to provide freedom loving individuals with information that through chicanery and obfuscation has been generally denied to the common people. Along this vein no products other than books are sold here to the public. Product recommendations herein are not paid endorsements. Specific products are recommended with specific amounts based upon specific science with specific experience covering countless decades.

Hide 'n' don't seek?

This column marks the eighth year of NATURALLY Speaking with combined experience going back to the 1980s for this columnist regarding print and broadcast journalism on the subject matter of health.

Hope for change with health care under Obama

This past weekend a lengthy AP news story reported, “the myth has long been that the U.S.

Thanks again

It was native peoples who came to the rescue of 17th century European settlers in America about to die of starvation. It was at this autumn time of the year.

Hearty heave-ho given good heart health research

“Vitamin pills don’t prevent heart disease,” prominently declared the AP (Associated Propagandaess) “news” headline representative of other “news” coverage given an annual meeting of the American H

Yes, Virginia, there is a Satan clause

More than a decade ago a Christmas Day message of cheer and hope disclosed

Houses of horrors!

This is the time of year when many pay to enter "haunted houses" to be "scared to death". People expect surprises at these places and are ready for a good scare.

Nobel prizes monster under the bed

Many children pass through a stage when they fear a “monster under the bed” that is neither monstrous nor real. Adults with such fear are few in number and considered psychotic.

His 'n' hers columns

This week is the first week of 'Breast Cancer Awareness' month. Following is the 'Hers' column after the ‘His’ column last week for 'Prostate Cancer Awareness' month’s last week.

His 'n' hers columns

This week is the last week of 'Prostate Cancer Awareness' month and next week is the first week of 'Breast Cancer Awareness' month.

Cancer matters? History matters!

This past weekend a television broadcast ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ was simulcast by all of the Big Three networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) as well as the cable E!Entertainment channel.

Diabetes and heart ailments – weight or wait problem

The much ballyhooed connection of overweight and even obesity issues to illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes have been brought into question by two studies in this week’s Archives of Intern

Return of the BIG BIRD-brained FLU-doo voodoo' or 'One Flu Over The Cuckoo's Nest Egg

The summer movie season is in full swing and sequels are big again this year in films.

Rush judgment not rash

A signer of the Declaration of Independence from Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania delegation, Dr.

Politics, politics, politics

Presidential politics prevail in the current news cycle while more pressing matters get short shrift.

Wrong again!

"B vitamins fail to cut heart risk in study," declared the headline of the rotten Reuters mainstream (polluted stream) news service – 2nd largest in the world.

Indicting abusers of pregnant teens

Indicting abusers of pregnant teens

Church scandal still covered up

The Pope arrived in America on the 100th anniversary of the death of Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp. This brought much to my memory.

Origin of the Specious

EXPELLED is the name of a new movie being released in the next week. It is lauded by conservative leaders like Rush Limbaugh and leading Christian groups.

Alphabet soup anybody?

This month has been declared 'National Colorectal Awareness Month'. Yet the web site of the sponsoring agency never mentions the mineral selenium.

In Honor of Ida Honorof

As a first time father my life was profoundly changed by Ida Honorof in the 1970s.

New news is old news

“FDA, Roche warn doctors on Tamiflu dangers,” declared a bold news headline this week from the major Reuters news service.

Of sweets and hearts

The word diabetes traces back almost two millennia related to the thirst and frequent urination created by this now all too common condition of which “rates continue to soar” to quote a recent head

Truth a Stranger due to Fiction

The sudden death of a young man with everything going for him is certainly a tragedy. When such an one is a very public figure even more attention is drawn to such a tragedy.

Surprising and not surprising calcium news

“Study suggests heart risk from calcium supplements,” declared the Reuters “news” headline about a British Medical Journal study.

None so blind ...

“Mercury-vaccine link to autism disproven,” one mainstream (polluted stream) media headline boldly declared last week about a new study tracking California children ages 3 through 12.

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